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TopSlim from the American company TopPharm for burning fat. For one course of taking this fat burner, you can lose up to 12 kg of fat (depending on the body). An absolutely natural composition will allow you to burn fat without side effects and harm to your body.

TopSlim fat burner is the perfect solution for those who want to lose weight. To facilitate the fight against fat, the world famous company has released 100% natural capsules for the destruction of fat. In just one course, this remedy will allow you to lose twelve kilograms of excess weight.


TopTest from TopPharm is a multi-component herbal testosterone booster. Effective in gaining muscle mass, losing weight, in relief cycles. Increases the production of own testosterone in the testicles. Does not contain peptides, steroid hormones and harmful substances.
Bodybuilders, powerlifters and strongmen take Testofen after course therapy to restore endogenous testosterone synthesis and minimize rollback.

Not only athletes will benefit from taking Testofen, but all men over the age of 30. By increasing testosterone production, it improves well-being, performance and quality of intimate life. Normalizes the hormonal background of the male body. It relieves chronic fatigue, bad mood and a gloomy outlook on life. Helps to achieve success in personal life and in sports!


TopMass by TopPharm is a formula based on scientific research and years of muscle building experience. The result is a composition that hits every aspect of muscle building: increases training intensity, speeds up muscle regeneration and enhances muscle fiber development. The composition has no side effects, as it has completely natural ingredients.

Benefits of TopMass from TopPharm:
Enhances muscle mass growth
Strengthens your bones
Has a positive effect on the prostate and sebaceous glands
Protects against the formation of new fat deposits
Increases strength and endurance

About TopPharm company

Since the founding of TopPharm, customers have been the number one priority in its activities. Strict quality control of production and laboratory tests are just a couple of important points that the company’s specialists monitor in order to satisfy potential and long-term customers. TopPharm is proud of the fact that the majority of first-time customers are increasingly becoming regular customers. You can be sure that the composition of the products is carefully thought out and tested many times.

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